Responsibilities of the City Manager

The city manager is the chief executive officer for the city and is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. He is under the direction and supervision of the governing body and is appointed without regard to his political beliefs. 

Reponsibilities of the City Manager of the City of Kingsport:

To enforce the laws and ordinances of the city.

To appoint and remove officers and employees of the city as appropriate.

To organize and direct the various departments of the city.

To oversee and develop the public utility franchises.

To attend all meetings of the governing body with the right to take part in the discussion, but having no vote.

Recommendation of measures to the governing body.

Serves as the budget director and purchasing agent.

Other duties as may be prescribed by the governing body.


Kingsport Contact Info


1st Floor, City Hall


225 West Center St.
Kingsport, TN 37660



(423) 229-9400


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