RS - 3

RS3 - Effective Date - September 3, 2009

During their August 4, 2009 meeting, the BMA passed the RS3 Annexation on 2nd reading.  The annexation’s effective date is September 3, 2009.  Please find a map attached showing the annexation area shaded in red.

Zoning: All City R-1B

Current Land Use: single family, vacant land, and one church (church located at 2444 Rock Springs Rd); a total of 16 whole parcels and 3 partial parcels located on the west side of Rock Springs Road (south of the Edinburgh Subdivision).

Streets included in this annexation: none

Kingsport Property Tax

The value of your property must be assessed by the County, either Sullivan or Hawkins, depending on residency.  City taxes are based on this assessment.  The recently annexed areas of Rock Springs are in Sullivan County.  The city’s property tax is 1.94% for those in Sullivan County.  Hawkins County residents have a tax of 2.24%.   

For those who have been recently annexed, the city tax begins on January 1st of the year following annexation.  Taxes are not prorated from the time of annexation.  Therefore, city property taxes will not begin for recently annexed properties until January 1st, 2010.

Police & Fire

Police and Fire department services are immediately available upon annexation.   


The city water rate is structured according to the amount consumed.  The water is significantly lower for those living inside the city limits.  Those who have been recently annexed will notice about a 50% reduction in their water bills.  The water rates are provided below.


The Kingsport City School system is among the best in the state and welcomes all student transfers of students residing in recently annexed areas.  According to an April 2006 Sullivan County Board of Education measure, students of recently annexed areas may continue to go to their current school or transfer to the closest city school.  Busing will be provided for both options.  For example, elementary school students that are already enrolled at Rock Springs Elementary, have the choice of attending either Rock Springs Elementary or John Adams Elementary.  However, children in these recently annexed areas that are not currently old enough to be enrolled in the school system will need to be enrolled at John Adams Elementary.  Elementary and middle school aged children have the option to stay at their current school, but upon completion at that school will have to enroll at city schools.  Robinson Middle School and Dobyns-Bennett High School are the city options for secondary schooling for these recently annexed areas.

Kingsport Contact Info


1st Floor, City Hall


225 West Center St.
Kingsport, TN 37660



(423) 229-9400


(423) 229-9350